DMX512/1990 standard DMX control channel 512.2-way with an independent optical isolator output driver window with 
anti-2000VDC electrical shock.
Section 32 16-channel control of the computer light.With a large backlit LCD display screen used to display various
operating parametes,16-channel fader, controlling the speed of a putt.
1600 lights go procedures for storage capacity,take the lamp 48 procedures, each with 100 step-by-step procedures,
the speed of each step,set up independently graded parameters.Optional music sync or manual speed control.Lights go putt 
in the match rate,the process step-by-step from the 0.03s-180s,At the same time,eight to go light to run the procedure,48 scenes and 32 computers an the same time manually running lights(lantern)the release of specific channle functions.
16BIT computer lights X/Y control accuracy
15 Environmental key,quick to call a different
scene and take the lights,manually run the
portfolio.Music from the microphone line 
inputs or built-in sound knowledge,data 
rutention shutdown,
Green-built high-performance
switching power Requirements 90V-240V.

DMX console

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