3w rgb laser light ,ILDA 3 watt RGB laser projector, 3000mw full color laser




Price 1 : 30kpps galvo scanner= 30kpps galvo scanning speed


price 2: 40kpps galvo scanner = 40kpps galvo scanning speed


The difference:


the higher scanning speed can make more precise and accurate animation, graphics,pattern laser show projection, But when it come to beam effects, the 30kpps galvo scanner and 40kpps galvo scanner do not have difference



Product name (EM-RGB248) 3w rgb sd card beam animation laser
color red green blue yellow pink white cyan etc full colors
Power supply AC90V-240V,50-60HZ
Laser color RGB full colors+single color red green blue etc available
Laser power



Blue 450nm-1.5W

Galvo scanner speed 30kpps or 40kpps , the higher scanning speed, the more precise and accurate for the animation,graphics,text projection
Scanning angle ±25°
Operation mode auto,master and slave ,dmx 512,sound active,ILDA,SD card,LCD button screen
Machine size 26X18X15CM
Flight case size/gross weight 34*25*24MM/6KG
Modulation Analog modulation
DMX Channel 24 channels


3w rgb laser +SD Card interface Advantage
there is a free 4G sd card which contain a ishow software (no hardware) and 1400pcs amazing beam&animation programs inside of SD card(some animations are copied from pangolin quick show software)
1)you can type text easily in ishow software, export them in ilda file,then copy it to sd card for laser projection
2)the ishow software accept the plt format picture,you can import the plt format picture into ishow software, export them in ilda file ,then copy it to sd card for laser projection
3)there is a play list editor in the sd card, you can select whatever programs you like in sd card,and put them together with your own edited logos,words etc,then make them into a your own unique show,
Meanwhile you can adjust the size of patterns,if you do not show interest in animation show, Do not worry This Machine got amazing beam show effects,More than 128 kinds,which is a feast to the eyes

if you buy the laser light without SD card interface from others ,you can not edit laser show by youself,and it usually only has simple beam effects,you need to buy software for making a logo or graphics,Also you can not get as good beam effects as mine

Laser effects

Laser beam effects with fog

the defaulted effects is beam and animation effects

but we can also add 3D patterns or animation fireworks effects if you mentioned

3D pattern effects

animation fireworks effects

Except for the rgb full color effects, there are single color red green blue yellow orange pink white available




Machine picture

there is a glass in the front panel ,also there is a slider outside to protect the glass

Double protection

1.key switch 2.power button .3anti shedding socket 4.lcd button screen 6.dmx in/out port 7.2pcs 60X60MM fans 8.ilda in/out port 9.adjust red brightness and power 10 Adjust green brightness and power 11.adjust blue brightness and power .12.hook 13.4 pcs 50X50M fans in the two side panel 14.removable handle

Silver bracket for the laser machine
CE and ROHS Certificate for the laser light



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Price: we are factory and able to offer better price and are more experienced in cost and quality control than trade company

-Good quality: We are professional manufacturer and good at quality control

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-Good after-sales service

-OEM: welcome.


RGB full color laser light LCD button screen

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