Laser RGB/Lazer Disco / 10 RGB Full Color Disco DJ Laser Show System 10 Watt

Laser RGB/Lazer Disco / 10 RGB Full Color Disco DJ Laser Show System 10 Watt



Product parameters:
  • Product name EM-RGB2100 10w rgb sd card beam animation laser
  • Power supply:AC90V-240V,50-60HZ
  • Laser color:Except for the RGB full colors,there is single color available
  • New function:There are three knobs in back panel,you can adjust brightness and power by it
  • Can choose single color:Single red,green,blue,yellow,Orange ,pink,white,cyan etc
  • Laser power : Red638nm-3W Green532nm-3W Blue 450nm-4W
  • Galvo scanner speed:DT50kpps(best quality and highest scanning speed in china !!!)
  • Scanning angle ±25°
  • Play mode:auto,master and slave dmx512,sound active,ILDA,SD card,LCD button screen
  • Machine size:36X28X22CM
  • Flight case size/gross weight:48*40*32MM/23KG
  • Modulation:Analog modulation
  • DMX Channel:24 channels
  • Certificate:CE,RoHS
  • Life time: More than 20000 hours
  • Warranty:One Year,Lifelong maintenance
  • Application:DJ, Ballroom, KTV, family party, Disco, Pubs, Bar night Clubs, theater and advertisement,Eventother entertainment place etc
10w rgb laser DT50kpps +SD Card interface Advantage
There is a free 4G sd card which contain a ishow software (no hardware box) and 1400pcs amazing beam&animation programs inside of SD card
(some animations are copied from pangolin quick show software)
  • 1)you can type text easily in ishow software, export them as ilda file,then copy it to sd card for laser projection
  • 2)the ishow software accept the plt format picture,you can import the plt format picture into ishow software, export them as ilda file ,then copy it to sd card for laser projection
  • 3)there is a play list editor in the sd card, you can select whatever programs you like in sd card,you can also put them together with your own edited logos,words etc,then combine them into a your own unique show,
  • Meanwhile you can adjust the size of patterns,if you do not show interest in animation show, Do not worry This Machine got amazing beam show effects,More than 128 kinds,which is a feast to the eyes
if you buy the laser light without SD card interface from others ,you can not edit laser show by youself,and it usually only has simple beam effects,you need to buy software for making a logo or graphics,Also you can not get as good beam effects as mine
Laser effects
Except for the rgb full colors,there are sinlge red green blue yellow
pink white orange ect single color available


Machine picture:


there is a glass in the front panel ,also there is a slider outside to protect the


glass,Double protection




RGB full color laser light LCD button screen

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