Outdoor Laser 20W RGB Animation Laser Light Ilda DJ Laser Stage Lighting Lasershow


20 watt outdoor laser light show equipment/RGB programmable laser light show system



Product name EM-RGB3200 20w full color rgb outdoor laser light show
Power supply AC90V-240V,50-60HZ
Laser color RGB analog modulation full color
Laser power



Blue 445nm-12W

Galvo scanner speed 40kpps
Scanning angle ±30°
Operation mode auto,master and slave ,dmx 512,sound active,ILDA,SD card,LCD touch display screen
Machine size 60X52X26CM
Flight case size/gross weight 70*44*33MM/35KG
Modulation Analog modulation
DMX Channel 16 channels


LCD touch screen operation

1.you do not need to click the button,you can touch the screen to operate the screen fluently,like the transition from old keys phones to smart phones,Our New Touch Screen is “Smart Phone”
2. if you can ajust the brightness and power of red and green blue ,which will produce various amazing different colors

meanwhile you can choose single color, like single red/green/blue/yellow/pink/white etc color
3.you can select TTL or analog mode in lcd touch screen
4.you can adjust the speed of laser show
5.you can adjust the size of the image
6.1400 kinds of amazing graphics in sd card will Play in sequence
7.Last but not least:you can set a password to make the machine timer shutdown, the machine will not work until you enter your password,if you want to do a two hour laser show, you can set 2 hours ,after 2 hours, the laser machine will shut off automatically ,the machine will not get back to work until you enter the password to unlock it

there is a small sd card slot in the back panel of the machine , we give a 8G sd card for free ,it store many amazing beam&animation programs


Laser effects



Machine picture


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RGB full color laser light LCD touch screen

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